UPVC Sliding Doors

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The heightened focus on energy consumption and reducing one’s carbon footprint has seen many home and business owners turn to double glazed sliding doors. Our UPVC sliding doors, with an improved energy rating due to fusion welded, non-heat conductive frames, sashes and double glazing, prevent heat from escaping and shield your property from the often extreme elements.

In the winter, double glazed sliding doors, along with a tight seal are preventing heat from escaping. This makes them highly thermally insulating, noticeably eliminating cold spots, improving the energy efficiency of the space, and helping to save money on heating bills. During the warm summer months, such sliding doors offer ample ventilation, as well as protection when the mercury rises, deflecting heat from entering the space.

Windows For Life proudly manufactures UPVC sliding doors in our highly automated Melbourne facility. Such products enjoy an improved energy rating due to qualities such as non-heat conductive frames; fusion welded frames and sashes, which are superior to mechanical assemblies for wood and aluminium; and of course, double glazing.

In addition, our design and manufacturing teams can customize UPVC energy saving sliding doors to best suit your needs. For instance, we will consider the sliding doors’ principle uses, placement in the home or office, and alignment with the rising and setting of the sun. That way, we will select the type of glass and glazing that ensures the smallest proportion of heat loss in the winter, while mitigating interior overheating in the summer. Our double glazed sliding doors offer aesthetic and space saving attributes, along with maximum ventilation, improving the energy efficiency of any commercial or residential space.

Energy saving sliding doors made from UPVC are a great, value-adding solution to any property. As a material, UPVC maintains the same insulation properties as timber, without the maintenance. It also offers excellent sound insulation properties, and are safe for humans, easily cleaned, and highly burglar resistant. Additionally, the durability of double glazed sliding doors makes them resistant to practically every environmental condition, from arid climates to rain and snow.

Get in touch with Windows for Life for a consultation and quote today. Our experienced design and manufacturing teams will offer customized solutions to best suit your project, whether it is a renovation or new construction. Quality is ensured at every step, from initial design and production all the way to installation, which is crucial to reap the maximum benefit of an energy efficient sliding door.

Double glazed sliding doors are a wise investment for any property owner. The savings on your energy bills will quickly cover the initial cost, and you’ll be well on your way towards better energy usage and cost management in the long run.

For further information or a quote on our energy saving double glazed sliding doors, contact us today.