Thermal Efficient Windows

Why Install Energy Saving Windows


Energy efficient design of homes has become a reality, creating design issues for all who work in the building industry.With improvements in raw materials and designs, thermally efficient windows can now add to the energy efficiency of homes.  

Certainly, window attributes are quite intangible – they’re just windows, right?  Wrong, huge savings can be made on home energy bills by using efficient windows.  Up to 40% of the average home’s heating cost can be saved as well as huge gains in cooling performance. 

One product that is providing real and affordable solutions for efficient and sustainable homes are u-PVC double glazed windows.  A ‘standard’ u-PVC double glazed window is rated at greater than 5 stars. Usage of other glass types can increase this even further. A big part of our window’s performance comes also from their seals and hardware. 

Double compression seals throughout, and European designed hardware, provide reliable function and exceptional thermal efficient performance.

Our thermal efficient window range includes tilt and turn windows, awning windows, sliding windows, and fixed windows