uPVC Advantages

The Benefits Of uPVC Windows And Doors


1. Energy Efficiency

  1. uPVC has the same insulation properties as timber without  the maintenance.
  2. uPVC  window mitre corners are fusion welded, superior to mechanical assemblies for Wood and Aluminium.
  3. uPVC frame  U-value(heat transfer coefficient) is significantly lower than Aluminium.
  4. Infra-red camera detection of low energy efficient window (right)
Uw=  1.1 W/ square m K
uPVC frame double glaze insulating glass
   Uw= 5.2 W/square mK                
   single glaze normal window

       Uw = ( Ug * Ag + Uf * Af + Psi * I ) / ( Ag + Af )         

   U-value  window       U-value glass      Area glass   U-value frame Area frame      heat flow                     area glass   area frame  

        the lower the value , the better !

2. Quality

  1. Completely harmless to humans
  2. Excellent sound insulation properties.
  3. Perfect thermal insulation
  4. Will increase the value of your home.
  5. Very durable

3. Performance

  1. Resistant to environmental conditions
  2. Can be easily cleaned by using a mild detergent or soapy water.
  3. Resistant to termites and do never rot, rust or corrode.
  4. Prevents the development of diseases caused by mould and bacteria.
  5. Excellent burglary resistance.
  6. Efficient for many years.

4. Design

  1. Suitable for both new buildings and for the renovation of old buildings.
  2. Customised for individual requirements
  3. Appealing visual appearance
  4. Available in laminated colours, more resistant than paint.

5. Noise Reduction

Exposure to intensive noise will impact negative on human health

Heavy traffic 
Open window


  ~ 80 dB     


 Single glaze old window   ~ 60 dB  ~ 40% Frame  
Standard double glazed window   ~ 48 dB  ~ 25% Glazing 
uPVC Window   ~ 35 dB  ~ 35%Installation 

Wide Range Of uPVC Products Available

Our uPVC Window Range includes the following styles : 

Sliding uPVC Windows

Our uPVC Door Range include the following styles :

Bi Fold uPVC Doors
Sliding uPVC Doors
French  uPVC Doors
Tilt and Turn uPVC Doors