UPVC Windows

uPVC Windows

Our latest range of uPVC windows provide many benefits to the modern Australian home. They are energy efficient windows that are both strong and noise reducing along with being very easy to maintain. Everything people are looking for in an energy efficient window these days.

Timber Look uPVC Windows

Timber is one of the most trusted materials used in the residential and commercial building industry. While timber is a popular choice for window frames, it requires a very high level of maintenance and it is susceptible to warping and rotting. Our timber look uPVC double glazed windows, provide the ideal solution in avoiding all these issues and allows you to customise the appearance of your window frames to match interior and exterior finishes.    

Aluminium Look uPVC Windows

Aluminium is a modern window frame material that is light weight, robust and sleek looking. While aluminium is the preferred choice of window frame in many residential and commercial projects, it is a material with very poor performance from energy efficiency and noise control point of view. Our aluminium look uPVC double glazed windows combine the good appearance of aluminium window frames with the additional benefit of very high level of energy efficiency and noise control performance. 


We manufacture our energy saving uPVC windows (also known as vinyl windows) right from our Melbourne based factory and offer a wide variety of window styles all of which come with the highest energy rating and guaranteed performance. Here are some of the uPVC windows we provide.

Tilt and Turn uPVC Windows

The tilt and turn range of uPVC windows are a classic example of the common European window style, which allows you to open windows in two different was, either from the top of the window for a mild airflow while maintaining security, or from the side panel.

Our tilt and turn windows are fast growing in popularity.

Awning uPVC Windows

Our stylish range of uPVC awning windows provide and easy way to improve ventilation and reduce condensation in bathrooms and other rooms that are prone to mold or mildew. They open from the bottom of the window and tilt outwards.

Sliding uPVC Windows

Sliding windows are very popular in Australia due to the fine weather we are commonly blessed with. Our uPVC sliding windows are easy to install and operate and suit a wide variety of uses.

Fixed uPVC Windows

Lastly we have our simple range of fixed uPVC windows that have no moving parts. They are the perfect choice when you just want to gain maximum energy saving benefit, with the need for open and closing.

If you have any questions about our uPVC window range, contact us for advice today.