Double Glazed Windows & Doors to Suit your Style

Marius Marginean - Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Double glazing is not just highly practical but it is also beautiful. You can select from a wide range of styles and finishes that reflect your personal taste. Windows For Life prides itself on being able to deliver customized, effective and visually uplifting solutions to all your needs and requirements.


When it comes to UPVC double glazed doors, we give you access to a world of possibility. Our Bi-Fold Doors are perfect at creating space, making your home more accessible and exposing it to surrounding views. French Doors add sophistication while providing optimum sun exposure. They are great for linking interior rooms, and bridging internal and external spaces.


Windows For Life Sliding Doors have an improved energy rating due to non-heat conductive frames and fusion welded frames and sashes. Our innovative Tilt and Door saves energy and space, perfectly merging indoor and outdoor areas.


Last but not least, Tilt and Turn Doors make highly versatile laundry doors. They eradicate the need for an extra window in the laundry, and achieve a high energy rating with the convenience of natural ventilation.


Our UPVC double glazed windows will give you a new perspective on attractiveness. Tilt and Turn Windows, for example, offer outstanding functionality. An innovative adjustment system allows natural ventilation without sacrificing security. Flexible and smart, they are a great alternative to traditional windows.


Awning windows provide fabulous protection against the elements. If you want to link living and exterior spaces, Windows For Life Sliding Windows will make it happen. Their gliding system will have you effortlessly bringing the radiance of the world into your home. They can also be fitted with retractable fly screens.


Finally, our Fixed Windows are super sensible. They deliver high levels of thermal insulation and noise reduction. No moving parts means ultimate reliability and security.


Windows For Life creates unique UPVC energy saving sliding door and window systems that are good looking and effective. Allowing for principle uses, placement in the home or office, and alignment with the sun, we deliver perfect solutions. Fabulous finishes include Golden Oak, Nut Tree, Silver, Black Ash and classic White.


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