Windows for Life is the Ideal Solution to your Double Glazing Needs

Marius Marginean - Friday, December 12, 2014
Take pride in the finest Australian products. Windows For Life makes superior UPVC double glazed doors and windows in Melbourne. We take pride in our work, delivering ideal solutions to our customers’ needs. Our vision is to provide top quality UPVC windows and doors at very competitive prices.

We combine high levels of automation in our state-of-the-art factory with time-honoured craftsmanship. This allows us to deliver superior precision, vital to creating excellent noise and sound insulation, and enhanced service.

A good example of our attention to detail is the mitre corners that feature in our UPVC double glazed doors and windows. They are fusion welded to ensure a truly tight seal. They are then thoroughly inspected by our team.

Our advanced automated machinery not only assures the strictest standards but also enables quick and hassle-free delivery times. Such manufacturing sophistication means we can totally tailor answers to your requirements. Windows For Life will consider all aspects affecting your project – including usage, placement and the sun’s course – to devise a double glazing solution that perfectly meets your need.

Windows For Life offers 4 different kinds of window and 5 kinds of door. Innovative and thoughtful in their design, they can be mixed and matched to solve different lifestyle problems. Available in a wide range of laminated colours (which are more hardwearing than paint), our UPVC double glazed doors and windows will add to your home’s beauty and enhance its value.

We employ stringent quality control at every step, ensuring you receive only true perfection. From design through manufacturing to installation, Windows For Life pays attention to every detail at every step to deliver on our promises.

Our products will benefit you in many ways. Enjoy enhanced thermal and sound insulation. Your energy bill will be cut and you won’t be bothered by outside noise any more.

We create double glazing that is safe for humans. It is also easy to clean, reducing labour and eliminating germs. And for your added peace of mind, our UPVC double glazed sliding doors and windows are burglar resistant. Ready to begin? Contact Windows For Life for a consultation and quote today.
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